Inspiration for stylish entertaining

Whether your catering for a large group or just entertaining at home with family. We have some food inspiration to inspire you with some amazing produce from Malvern Central.
Creating the ultimate Antipasto Platter
This platter was created using gourmet fresh ingredients from David Jones Food. 
An antipasto platter is best served before the main meal, to get everyone’s appetites ready for main course. Serve when your guests arrive and pair it with some delicious white wine.
  • Start with a great serving board, this one is from David Jones but House also have a large variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Include flavours and textures which complement each other. You want an assortment with differing flavours - salty, sour, sweet, spicy. That way your guests can play around with flavours they like.
  • Start with your meats, options could include prosciutto, salami, ham.
  • Follow with your cheeses, options could include brie, camembert, cheddar, blue cheese.
  • Create some sweetness with dates, figs, grapes and quince paste
  • Finish off with some olives, nuts, crackers, dips and bread and voila!
Roast-Lamb.jpgCreating the ultimate Roast Lamb dinner
This meal was created using fresh ingredients from Peter Bouchier, Colonial Fresh Co and Bakers Delight. Serving ware is from House.
For main, you can’t go past a succulent roast lamb served with fresh vegetables and crunchy bread to soak up the gravy!
  • This roast lamb is from gourmet butcher Peter Bouchier and was cooked in a tray surrounded by roast vegetables.
  • This delicious leg of lamb was roasted in a 180 degree oven for around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Allow half an hour per 500g of meat.
  • We served this with crusty bread from Bakers Delight.
  • An extra tip is if you have left over lamb, create some sliders the next day with brioche buns from Bakers Delight and lashes of gravy – yum!
Rosa2.jpgCreating the ultimate dessert platter
No meal is complete without dessert and we have created the ultimate dessert platter.
This platter and cake stand is from House and the delicious ingredients are from David Jones Food and Colonial Fresh Co.
  • Start by choosing a platter, we have gone for a rectangle platter from House and also a cake stand for our delicious blueberry cheesecake.
  • Use ingredients which have varying levels of sweetness, so your guests can choose which they would prefer.
  • We started with fruit – grapes, berries, kiwi fruit and cherries for the fresh elements.
  • Then we enhanced this with pastries and macaroons.
  • Finally, we finished off with nougat and white chocolate bark – delicious!
  • For that extra touch of style, add some edible flowers.