The most adorable DIY Christmas pet outfits to try this festive season

Furry, feathery or scaly friends are an important part of most families, so why not let them join in the holiday fun by creating them a Christmas outfit for the occasion? Of course, you can buy them a ready-made Christmas outfit, but DIY is way more fun during the festive season. With a few handy craft supplies, you will be able to whip something up in no time — and what better way to get some happy Christmas snaps than with your festive pets joining in on the fun! To get you started, we’ve compiled seven DIY Christmas pet outfits for this year’s holiday season.


1. Christmas pet glasses

Before creating Christmas glasses for your pet, it is best to take a rough measurement of their head. You can create glasses using pipe cleaners to create circular shapes and then gluing straight pieces together to create the frame. Decorate these with small Santa Claus hats or paper Christmas trees on either side of the face. You may need to also use elastic around the back of the glasses to hold these in place. Another option instead of using pipe cleaners would be to decorate child’s sunglasses by popping out the lenses and then adding festive colours, glitter and pom poms around the frame. While these might not last for long on your pet, they are a fun addition for a quick family photo.


2. Present bow 

If you want something quick, simple and cheap, then this is your go-to! Simply attach a present bow to your dog’s collar to add some festive spirit. You can still get crafty with this one too, by creating your own gift bow with coloured strips of paper cardboard. And if this year you are gifting a pet to a loved one, then a present bow is an essential DIY Christmas pet outfit to top off a perfect present.


3. Christmas scarf

Have you ever tried knitting? Why not pick up a new skill over the holidays and try knitting a scarf for your pet! Depending on their size, your pet will likely require a much smaller scarf than you, so starting out knitting something small will definitely help you work on the new skill. If that’s of no interest to you, you could cut up some felt to create a small neck scarf for your pet. Just remember that it is summer here during Christmas, so your pet might not want to keep this chilly accessory on for too long. 


4. Santa Claus hat 

The most popular and essential Christmas accessory for humans and pets alike: the Santa Claus hat. You can make your pet’s hat using paper, felt or any other fabric, depending how long you plan to spend on crafting your masterpiece. If your pet is super energetic, it will be useful to attach an elastic string around the bottom of the hat after measuring it to their head, to secure it through all sorts of Christmas fun.


5. Reindeer antlers

 Why not make matching reindeer antlers for you and your pet? You can use headbands and pipe cleaners, cardboard, or felt to create the antlers. Go crazy and decorate the antlers with glitter, beads, or pom poms, but just make sure these decorations are super glued in place so they don’t fall off and have your pet mistaking them for food. You could even knit a perfectly-sized headpiece for both of you if you have the skill of knitting down pat. This option will definitely prove to be more comfortable if you have the time and skill to create it.


6. Christmas bowtie

 A simple yet super effective DIY Christmas pet outfit, because who can look past a pet with a bowtie? Create a bow with your favourite festive ribbons, and add pom poms or even a small bell if you to know where your pet is at all times so you can catch them out in any mischief; like unwrapping presents and claiming them for themselves! You will be able to easily attach these bowties to your pet’s collar so they can remain on for the whole holiday season.


7. Festive sweater

Festive sweaters are funky and unique, and make for a great family photo if everyone is decked out in one. And that includes your pet! Thankfully this DIY Christmas pet outfit isn’t as difficult as it seems. You can repurpose a Christmas stocking by cutting off the end or ‘foot’ of the stocking, and then cutting two holes for the front legs near the top of the stocking. Just make sure to get an appropriate sized stocking for your pet’s shape. From here you can even decorate the top of the Christmas pet sweater with pom poms and ribbons.
And to keep your furry friends extra happy this festive season, don’t just make them a Christmas outfit, but spoil them with some delicious pet-friendly treats or a new toy while the rest of the family enjoys their gifts too!