Ticketless Parking is here!

Malvern Central have introduced a ticketless parking system, which includes a parking guidance system and a ticketless fee-paying system, after three hours.

The use of car parks by non-customers is challenging in all shopping centres located near public transport hubs. Malvern Central is located near Malvern Train Station with hundreds of commuters passing through every day. The introduction of ticketless parking will ensure the centre’s car parks are not misused by commuters.

How does it work?

The ticketless parking system includes licence plate recognition which captures and records the time of entry for each car and assigns this entry time to the licence plate. The first three hours are FREE* and those who park for under three hours can simply exit the car park and the boom gate will open after it reads your licence plate number.

If you stay more than three hours, you will have three ways to pay:

  1. Pay at the pay station located in the Level 2 car park lobby (green level). Simply enter your licence plate details, pay via debit or credit card, and proceed to straight to the exit. No ticket will be issued.

  2. Pay at the exit. Insert or tap your debit or credit card upon your exit.

  3. Pay via an online account. Register your vehicle details here before you arrive at the centre. This allows automatic exit without the need to visit the pay station.  

The new ticketless parking also includes a parking guidance system that supports an improved customer parking experience by having:

  • Cameras to detect vehicles within each space

  • LED-based space indicators which change colour to reflect the status of the parking space

  • Electronic display boards to indicate the direction and quantity of available parking spaces

  • Signage which is updated as space available changes.


Car Parking Fees

Park with us FREE* for the first three hours.

0-3 hours  FREE*
3-4 hours  $5
4-5 hours $10
5-6 hours $20
>6 hours  $35

*3 hours free parking only. When vehicle re-enters within 60 minutes after exiting, additional charges apply.

Car Park Height Restriction

Please note theat the Malvern Central car park has a height limit of 2m.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q           Why have you introduced ticketless parking?
A           The new system has been introduced to ensure adequate parking spaces are available for genuine shoppers, and to prevent long-term use of the car park by non-shoppers and commuters.
Q         How does the new ticketless parking work?
A          The new system is based on licence plate recognition. On entry there is no boom gate or ticket issued, so you can drive straight in with a digital clock displaying your entry time. Parking guidance technology with red and green lights will show you where spaces are available with real time boards displaying available car spaces.
If your visit is within three hours, you’ll enjoy free parking and can simply proceed to any exit, the parking system will recognise your licence plate and the boom gate will automatically open.
If you stay longer than three hours, simply pay at the pay station located in the Level 2 car park lobby by entering your licence plate number and paying by debit or credit card. Then drive to the exit where the parking system will recognise your licence plate number and the boom gates will open. Alternatively, you can pay at the exit barrier with a credit card. You can also register your details with us here and simply drive to any exit and if there are any parking fees, we’ll automatically charge your credit card.
Q         How many hours can I park free of charge?
A          You can park for three hours before charges apply.
Q         What happens if I stay for longer than three hours?
A         Parking for over three hours will incur a fee. There are three easy ways to pay if you have parked in the centre for over three hours.

  • At the pay station located in the Level 2 car park lobby by entering your licence plate details
  • Pay at the exit barrier using credit card upon your exit
  • Pay via an online account by registering your details here  with the option to have fees automatically deducted from your nominated debit or credit card.  

Q         How much will parking cost?
A          Parking at Malvern Central is free for the first three hours. Research tells us most customers visit the centre for less than three hours. The three hour free period will ensure that our customers are able to complete their visit comfortably.

0-3 hours  FREE*
3-4 hours  $5
4-5 hours $10
5-6 hours $20
>6 hours  $35

*3 hours free parking only. When vehicle re-enters within 60 minutes after exiting, additional charges apply.

Q         How do I register?
A          Registrations can be made here. Enter your full name and email address and you will then receive login details via email. You can then follow the steps to register an account.
Q         How can I keep track of how long I have parked for?
A         You can check what time you entered the car park by typing in your licence plate details at the pay station located in the Level 2 car park lobby (green level).
Q         What if I can’t remember my licence plate number?
A          It is important to remember your licence plate number as it will become your ticket. It’s a good idea to take a photo of it with your phone.
Q         Who will manage the parking system and where will the money go?
A          A third party company will manage the car park on our behalf. All income generated from parking will be used to maintain the car park and provide car park customer service staff during peak periods.
Q         I have a disability parking permit, will rates apply?
A          Customers with an authorised disability parking permit will be able to park free all day. Authorised disability parking permit holders must register their permit and licence plate details with Centre Management, located on Level 3 next to Peter Alexander.
Q         Will the system accept Pay Wave?
A          Yes – at pay stations and exit boom gates.
Q           What will happen if I forget to pay before leaving the car park?
A            You will still be able to pay at the exit barriers with a credit card or via paywave. There will also be a call button at the exit barriers for assistance.
Q         What payment options will customers be able to use?
A          Credit card and eftpos will be available at the parking pay machine and credit card will be available at the exit barriers. 
Q           Will my licence plate number and credit card details be kept secure?
A            Yes, all details will be kept secure in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be viewed here.
Q         What should I do if I need assistance at the pay station or boom gate?
A         Please press the intercom HELP button on the pay station or exit gate column ad a member of our team will assist you.
Q         What are the terms & conditions of parking in your car park?
You can view our car park terms and conditions of entry here.

Q         Who can I contact to find out more?
A         For further enquiries, please contact our car park team on 1300 55 11 31 or 

Public Transport

Malvern Central is a short distance from the Malvern Railway Station. Services from this station include the Crabourne, Frankston and Pakenham lines.Tram services along run directly to the centre - tram No. 5 travels along Wattletree Road and tram No.16 travels along Glenferrie Rd.

If you are unsure of what route is closest to you or when it goes then check out the Metlink journey planner to plan your trip to Malvern Central Shopping Centre - click here.

Or call Metlink to help plan your public transport trip on 131 638.

Alternatively, public transport details can be obtained by calling the Centre Management Office on (03) 9509 2288.

Customer Service 

You can speak with our friendly car park team on 1300 55 11 31 or via email at