Introducing Jess Dempsey

Check out our newest Face of Malvern Central!
We are thrilled to announce Malvern Central has partnered with Jess Dempsey as the Face of Malvern Central!

Jess encompasses all things Malvern Central from motherhood, lifestyle and fashion. She is part of our local community and is often spotted carrying her weekly groceries down the escalator.

Jess has been an advocate in the Melbourne fashion industry since launching her blog back in 2010 and still remains one of the most trusted and aspirational authorities in our local fashion scene.Since setting the fashion scene in Melbourne in 2010, fashion has been a top pilar for Jess when it comes to her influence.

Her high end meets street styling resonates with her loyal followers. Her authentic and down to earth nature makes her relatable and trusted, and she is known for selling brands out of items she features in her content!